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 Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. assist offenders in making a transition from prison, jail, and custodial environments back to society. This requires several components in order to be successful, all of which RWWW, LLC. provides. At Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. we provide comprehensive case planning for each client. 



  • Screening Process:

Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. interviews and assesses potential clients as well as jail inmates for entry into the program. The criteria for potential clients is established case by case. There is not a particular criteria one has to meet. We are unable to assist anyone who has been convicted of a SEX OFFENSE.

Listening with an attentive ear to the needs of all clients we go out and meet with the families in their homes. We will make the home visits as many time deemed necessary for the purposes of working on behalf of the client.

  • Court Component:

As a part of our service Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. presents to the courts throughout the State(s) consulting Court Officials and inquires as to their position on a Programmatic approach for the defendant\client as an alternative to incarceration.  During court appearances RWWW, LLC. presents the components, requirements and benefits of the Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. program in addition to explaining why a defendant should be given a second chance. We have successfully received consideration for many defendants and to date have only had 5 to re-offend.

  • Release and Aftercare:

Upon release or placement into RWWW, LLC. we assist in obtaining identification, employment, housing, transportation, and mental health/substance abuse treatment.  In addition we provide The Real Talk session which has a mandatory attendance requirement. Real Talk sessions are held every Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm.  During these sessions we facilitate classes in Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Relationships, Parenting, Financial Literacy, and Critical Thinking. RWWW, LLC. also facilitates the Ten Steps Rites of Passage. Curfew checks, drug screens, and community service detail are also parts of the program and are MANDATORY.

We offer mentorship and counseling as well as invite guest speakers such as Judges, Doctors, Lawyers, and Professional Athletes to come and speak at our Real Talk sessions. Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford, Superior Court Judge Micheal Johnson, and Cincinnati Bengals Line Backer Justin Houston are just a few we had to speak at our sessions. 

Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC., works to ensure that we assist every client in a thoughtful reintegration process that addresses their clinical needs. RWWW, LLC. employs evidence-based practices and utilizes risk-needs assessment tools. The average length of enrollment in RWWW, LLC. is  from 6 to 24 months.


In 2009 Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford visited RWWW, LLC. to personally witness the process. In 2008 Fulton County Superior Court Judge Micheal Johnson was honored by RWWW, LLC. at a ceremony held at the office.                                                                                                                    

Right Way, Wrong Way, LLC. serves up to 150 clients  per year. By 2013 the RWWW, LLC. program had resulted in a 25% reduction in recidivism rates of participating ex-offenders compared to the same population in prior years.